All physical persons, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, every doctor of medicine, specialists in the
realm of abdominal, thoracic or paediatric surgery, urology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology,
otorhinolaryngology, gastroenterology, and other medical professional who works in endoscopic
surgery, and who accepts the Statute and aims and activities of the Association, and who confirms this
by their signature, may become a member of the Association.
Members of the Association have equal rights.
In exceptional cases, any national or foreign physical and legal person may become a member of the
Association, for their special service, sponsorship, assistance to the Association or significant
contribution to helping promote the Association and the purpose for which the Association was
founded, without the right to vote.

The Administrative Board of the Association shall decide on reception into membership on the basis
of the Regulations adopted by the Assembly.
An application form shall be submitted for membership of the Association.
A person who is received into membership shall be registered in the membership records and issued a
membership card.
The membership card is the document which proves the status of membership of the Association.
The Association shall keep a list of all its members, and the membership records shall be kept by the
Association’s secretary.
Membership in the Association shall end:
– with the death of the member;
– by voluntary resignation from the Association;
– upon failure to pay the membership fee;
– by exclusion.

All members of the Association may voluntary resign from membership.
The president of the Association shall be informed of the decision of a member of the Association to
resign their membership, after which a record is made of their resignation.
A member shall be excluded from membership of the Association if that member commits a serious
violation of the provisions of this Statute or other rules of the Association, or if they act in a manner
that is in contravention of the aims and interests of the Association.
The Administrative Board shall render a decision on exclusion.
The excluded member shall have the right to appeal against the decision by the Administrative Board
on exclusion to the Assembly, within 15 days of receipt of the decision.
The Assembly's decision is final.
Exclusion from the Association also includes the removal of that member from all administrative
bodies, and revocation of that member’s right to represent the Association.