We are connecting with you all to announce the Hands on Course for Neonatal Minimal Invasive Training that is going to be celebrated in Palma de Majorca, Spain, in May 2020.
Doctors María Marcela Bailez and Maxi Maricic, from the Surgical Simulation Center (CESIM), Hospital Garrahan, Argentina, are bringing to Europe their expertise in training and their inanimate models of the main surgical malformations inserted in low volume containers .
This allows unmatched training in dissection and suture of the actual malformation.
We are holding one edition of the course (10 attendants), on May 28th and 29th, 2020.
Majorca is a main vacation destination in Spain, where hundreds of thousands of Europeans come every year to enjoy their holidays.
Find attached  the Program of the course and a description of the models that trainees will practice on.
Inscriptions to the course will be taken in rigorous order upon arrival in the email [email protected] (Mr. Santiago Cuesta), and confirmed after payment of the fee.
Feel free to ask any questions to the aforementioned email.
We would love to welcome you to Palma de Majorca.
Best regards
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